Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ethics and the Ninth Grade

Daughter Lisa volunteered me to lecture to the ninth grade class at the school in Los Angeles that granddaughter Alexandra attends. It'll be an interesting challenge, different from working with senior executives. Now, in addition to my regular customers--government or corporate managers--I'm scheduled with ninth graders and another gig with the superintendent and principals of the Evergreen Elementary School District (San Jose).

I'll have to think about whether ethics looks different to fourteen-year olds than to forty- or fifty-year olds.

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Anonymous said...

Well, my personal feelings on this matter are that yes, ethics to a whole bunch of 9th graders is different than senior execs.
To a ninth grader, doing something ethical is staying away from drugs and drinking and doing their schoolwork. To a senior executive, it would be something along the lines of merging with another company or firing someone. Keep that in mind when you do your lecture.
-Jeff T