Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ethics,global warming, and Al Gore

First, do no harm.

Ethically that’s a good place to start. We—you, me, everybody—are doing lots of harm to the earth by our consumption of carbon-based fuels. Al Gore has made it his life cause to combat this damage. His interview with Lloyd Grove of the Daily Beast is well worth reading and absorbing.

We all need to be part of the anti-global warming movement.


Jack Marshall said...

Wow---Grove interviews Gore but doesn't even ask about his astounding howler on the Tonight Show, saying that the core of the Earth is MILLIONS of degrees. Honestly---a man purports to be a herald and a truthteller in an area requiring scientific expertise, and he utters a comment that scientifically ignorant---in his supposed specialty! 1) Why should Gore be regarded as anything more than a self-promoting fraud? 2) Why have only conservative and global warming skeptics flagged Gore's gaffe? (I've checked.)3)Why wouldn't Grove ask him about it? Didn't he have an obligation to? Did Al demand that he not?

If Sarah Palin said anything this stupid (and NOTHING is stupider--saying the earth is hotter than the sun is like saying the moon is made of cheese) she would be crucified.

You're right---I'm furious about this! About Gore's ineptitude and fake expertise, about the lack of integrity among liberal blogs, about Grove's toadying incompetence.

Now I'll go get a tan by digging a hole...

I'll start being a climate change policy supporter when I see some integrity from its major proponents.

Bob said...

I think the poor fellow misspoke. He said the earth's core was "extremely hot (True.) and that it could supply lots of energy (True.) My guess--because he's a pretty smart guy--is he meant to say "thousands" not "millions" of degrees. I wish Obrien or Grove had asked him.