Saturday, February 13, 2010

The guards who watched the beating in Seattle should be fired...and their defenders

Television news this week showed video of a girl in Seattle being brutally kicked and beaten by other girls while three security guards stood by and made calls on their cell phones—apparently calling for help. No move to help the victim. The outrage was compounded by unnamed officials who defended the guards’ (non-) conduct as proper.
Jack Marshall in his blog has an excellent analysis of the guards’ behavior, likening it to the Nuremberg defense (“just following orders”).
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors got it right in 2007 when they ordered closure of the Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital. The hospital had been the venue for a series of egregious mistreatments of patients, but when a woman was left writhing on the floor of the emergency room for 45 minutes before dying of a perforated bowel, that was the last straw.
Behaving without humanity, even under orders, ought to be a firing offense. The guards should have been fired. So should the “officials” who defended their conduct. Just like the bystanders and their higher-ups at MLK-Harbor Hospital were.


Judith Ellis said...

This is outrageous, Bob. Thanks for posting this. I had not heard about it. Outrageous! The question now is what is being done about these guards?

Bob said...

Nothing. They acted "properly." Read Jack Marshall's blog for more outrage.