Friday, August 14, 2009

An Ethical Fan of Michael Vick's?`

Michael Vick was the top college football player in the US in 2000, and a pro bowler for several years with the Atlanta Falcons. In 2007 he pled guilty to federal charges of felony dogfighting and cruelty, and went to prison for 23 months. Yesterday he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles.

So can an ethical fan root for Vick? It's uncomfortable, but any student of ethics knows that nobody behaves ethically all the time: the ethical life is one of learning and working to close the gap between what you believe and how you behave. It's a life of second chances.

If you believe in second chances you must believe in a second chance for Vick, who admitted his crime, served his time, and expressed remorse. So go get 'em, Michael.
Hooray, Eagles!


Judith Ellis said...

Yes, indeed, Bob! The problem with many "ethical" people is our pharisaical position and posture. But I guess with such it can be argued that these are not ethical people at all, eh?

Do read a post I wrote late month on PETA and Michael Vick. It too deals with ethical issues.

I think we become too judgemental when we stand in the way of others to get a second chance. If it usually a different situation when considering our loved ones as opposed to the love ones of others. This is usually my litmus test when considering if I'm being too harsh or judgemental.

Thanks for the post, Bob.

Bob said...

You're right about people thinking differently when their loved ones are involved. Andy Reid, the Eagles coach, had a big part in the decision to hire Vick: Reid's two sons were charged a couple of years ago with drug felonies. Reid said that made him more understanding.