Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Listening to America--NOT

I subscribed to the Human Events newsletter and got my first issue today:
In it Newt Gingrich writes that Barack Obama should "listen to America" over health care reform. Newt goes on to write that "By asking questions at town hall meetings and answering questions from pollsters, Americans are telling President Obama that they don’t trust big government plans for health care."

What Newt calls "asking questions at town hall meetings" is really anti-free speech thuggery--organizing Republican activists to shout down congressmen and prevent any questions from being asked, let alone answered.

This isn't listening to America, it's suppressing free speech. I don't know where I stand on the various health care bills, but I know where I stand on suppressing free speech: I'm against.

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Judith Ellis said...

AMEN, Bob! I saw Senator Spector's town hall this afternoon and it was largely an outrage. These people DID NOT want to have a discussion or a debate. Many seemed to simply wanted to be abusive with their words. I too wrote on this issue just today. Thank you.