Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Redemption of Ted Kennedy

Act I: Kicked out of Harvard for cheating.

Act II: Cheated repeatedly and very publicly on his wife, who decayed into alcoholism before she left him.

Act III: His reckless (or probably drunken) driving led to the death of his pretty young woman passenger, who drowned probably because he cravenly waited eight hours to report the accident.

Act IV: Greatest Senator, maybe ever. Revered by politicians of both parties. Terrific husband, father, brother, uncle, family patriarch. Sensitive consoler of those stricken by grief. Master legislator who changed the lives of millions.

Epilog: Think of Ted Kennedy when you’re deciding whether somebody deserves a second chance. Or even a third one.


Lisa Million Horowitz said...

It's harsh, Bob, but true. We all gained a lot from his redemption. I always felt his losses, his suffering and his burdens led to the terrible decisions to cave into addictions and infidelities. He was lucky, he was old enough to let the rest of his life compensate for his terrible failures. He left so much good in his wake, yet I'm sure to some who were scared by his actions, that may still be little solace. At a certain age, the consequences of our decisions come home to us, good and bad. If we have learned anything, we are humble and forgiving as a result.

Judith Ellis said...

Beautiful redemptive post, Bob. Thank you. You present both sides of a flawed, yet faithful man justly.

Our negative acts have impact. But repentance, as in turning, can be equally as powerful, maybe even diminishing the pain caused.

Regarding forgiveness, its healing quality is that it touches both those seeking and giving it. I appreciate Lisa's comment.

Nikki said...

It's a shame Teddy didn't have an ACT V (as Shakespeare always did)..i.e. healthcare for all.